Proaim camera tripod and Spreader



High-Grade Aluminum Construction along with the Cast Iron 100mm Bowl Base make the PROAIM CST-100 Tripod Stand extremely solid yet lightweight. The Proaim Heavy-duty Tripod supports an incredible payload of up to 80kg/176lb allowing you to mount full ENG/EFP setups or other heavier camera setup. The Tripod Stand also works efficiently with much other equipment such as Sliders, Jibs and Geared Heads.

The CST-100 Tripod has a quick-lock mechanism that lets you adjust the height of the Tripod and balance it within seconds. It weighs only 6.5kg/15lb, making it easy to move around, and carry with you to different locations or even on travelling. The Stand has a minimum and maximum height of 33.5” to 60” and can be easily adjusted to capture the perfect perspective. The hinged construction enables the spreader to fold with the tripod for ease of transportation.

The Proaim tripod comes with a ground spreader as well as a removable mid-level spreader this brings maximum stability on flat surfaces. The Ground Spreader accepts all spiked tip tripods making it a useful tool. You can quickly adjust the tripod footprint by changing the spreader extension. It allows rapid setup and keeps tripod legs at an equal or preset distance relative to each other. The Tripod itself has spiked feet so you can stably use it on snow, grids, mud, and sand.


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