Scrim / Light Diffusion ( 3.6m x 3.6m )

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When you take your shoot on location, you’re at the mercy of the harsh and ever-changing sun. The New Vision 3.6 x 3.6m Sun Scrim is here to diffuse the light over a large area perfect for group shots or larger setups. Collapsible and portable, the Scrim only takes a few minutes to be camera-ready, and can easily be transported and set up by two people.

On location, the Scrim is big enough to soften the light on your talent and a large scene. In your studio, use the Sun scrim to soften a light source, or combine multiple lights into one large soft light bank. Suspend it above your scene with C-stands (NOT included) for the perfect soft light for product and studio shots.

The complete kit includes the collapsible frame with removable mounting brackets, diffusion panel, bungee cords for install, and it all fits neatly into the included soft carrying case.

  • Aluminum Frame Collapses into a Portable Size
  • Frame is foldable with Diffusion Panel Attached
  • Diffuses and Softens Harsh, Direct Light
  • Included Brackets Mount to C-stand Grip Heads (Grip Heads and C-Stands NOT included) )
  • Bungee Cords for Securing Diffusion Panel
  • Carrying Case


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