Swift Camera Dolly System with 12ft Straight Track

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*tripod, jib and camera, are not included

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*tripod, jib and camera, are not included

The Swift Dolly is a three-wheel Dolly system that allows you to use your tripod to achieve super smooth camera tracking movements.
The Swift Dolly is all about being on the go. Weighing only 12 kg / 26.45 lb.
It is light enough for one person to handle and just easy enough to maneuver on the fly.
It is constructed of high-grade Aluminum for a more robust, yet lightweight build; and supports loads of up to 159kg/350lb.

Combined with Proaim 12ft Straight Track, the 3-Leg Swift Dolly converts your tripod into an inexpensive, extremely portable, tracking camera dolly.
The Dolly can work on straight as well as curve tracks.
The dolly width has been set to allow it to go through the majority of doorways.
Swift Dolly is one person Dolly. It is so handy that it can fit into the boot of Car and can be taken anywhere conveniently.

Swift Dolly allows you to mount your camera directly on the Dolly (at floor level) on ball head / fluid head or on a tripod to achieve a different level of shots.
The Track wheels have high-quality sealed bearings that are silent and offers super-smooth movements.

12ft straight track is precision built that offers durability as well as smoothness to create motion movies.
Constructed for heavy-duty use, this sturdy yet incredibly lightweight Aluminum Construction holds 400kg / 882lb with ease.
Two different wedges allow you to precisely level the track as required.
End Support brackets prevent run-off and keep the tracks at the proper spacing for your Dolly.
The track comes in 4 feet sections and is easy and quick to assemble and dissemble.


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